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At Crocs, our vision to make “everyone comfortable in their own shoes” starts with our people

As of December 31, 2020, we employed approximately 4,600 employees in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions. This includes approximately 2,600 employees in our retail stores, 1,000 employees at our corporate/regional offices, and 1,000 employees at our distribution centers.​

Human Capital Management


Launched our Come As You Are (CAYA) Councils globally to involve 40 employees in decision-making around policies and approach to inclusivity.

Human Kind

Increased our hourly workers average wage above $15/hour in the United States & Puerto Rico.

decent work
In It Together

Regularly conduct employee engagement surveys.


​Expanding our workforce diversity through enhanced DE&I hiring strategies.

reduce inequalities
Crocs Boulder

​Review talent & succession plans annually.


Crocs is a premier partner of the UN Foundation’s #EqualEverywhere: Champions for Change Campaign, promoting their global push for gender equality.

gender equality

It's the shoes that make us Different,

It's the people that make us Special.

Crocs US Demographics

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At Crocs, we’re working every day to build a more inclusive workplace where all employees are seen, heard and valued. To understand where we have room to improve, we’re measuring our progress.​

Global Gender Statistics

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Global Gender Statistics

Two-thirds of our global workforce is female. In addition, our executive leadership team is 60% female and our senior leadership team is 63% female. We will continue to work with the UN Foundation and use our global voice to further educate and drive awareness of the inequalities women and girls face daily around the world.​​

Employee Programs

find your stride

Global blended-learning program geared toward individual contributors featuring e-learning, in-person discussion and tools to apply concepts in day-to-day interactions.

walk the talk

Global leader-led management development program introducing cutting-edge management content and concepts through a blended-learning approach.


Global, state-of-the-art social reward and recognition program that celebrates Crocs Employees and their accomplishments.

step it up

Training and certification for Warehouse Associates to elevate capability and provide opportunity for growth and advancement.

To ensure that we remain an employer of choice, we have implemented initiatives across our business and geographies to create a transparent, collaborative and inclusive culture that “celebrates one-of-a-kinds and stands together with all different kinds.” We are also committed to an equitable total rewards philosophy as well as pay transparency in all regions.

Inclusive Culture

We are proud of our culture of inclusion, which encompasses regular employee engagement surveys, employee-led inclusivity councils, and diversity at all levels.

Crocs strives to create a culture of inclusion where employees can freely contribute equally regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation. Our Code of Ethics formalizes these values.

inclusive culture
leadership development

Leadership Development

Investing in talent is a key component of our human capital strategy. Crocs is committed to identifying and developing the next generation of leadership.

We conduct an annual talent and succession review with our CEO and Board of Directors with a focus on accelerating talent development, strengthening succession pipelines, and advancing diversity representation for our most critical roles.

Pay Equity & Transparency

Crocs is committed to providing an employee value proposition that is compelling, market-competitive, and performance-based. Our compensation programs, practices, and policies reflect our commitment.

We aim to generally position total direct compensation within a competitive range of the market median, with differentiation based on tenure, skills, proficiency, and performance to attract and retain key talent.

pay equity

Community Involvement

1M shoes

Donated more than 1 million pairs of shoes in the past 5 years.

responsible consumption
860K shoes

Our Free Pair for Healthcare program donated another 860,000 pairs of shoes to frontline healthcare workers in 2020.


In honor of Pride Month, we’ve made a donation to GLAAD, a leading media advocacy organization working to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance. Together, we can create a world where everyone can live the life they love and come as they are.

reduce inequalities
1M dollars

Through both direct and consumer-led donations, in 2020 we provided funds to non-profit organizations in support of inclusivity and to address timely human needs.

8M meals

​Thanks to the generosity of our consumers in 2020, we raised nearly $1 million in six months for Feeding America, enabling over 8 million meals for those in need.

zero hunger
crocs cares
crocs cares logo

Giving back to the community is extremely important to us, and we are more committed than ever to live our values as a brand. Through the global “Crocs Cares” program, we focus on providing shoes to address human needs, funds to support inclusion and those in need, and time to enable our employees to support their local communities. ​

Key Initiatives


Delivering shoes to address timely human needs

  • Disaster Relief
  • Communities in Need

Donating funds to support timely human needs and support inclusivity

  • Monetary Donations
  • Proceeds from Sales
  • Consumer Donations

Volunteering our time to support communities

  • Paid time for employees to volunteer in communities where they live

Responsible Supply Chain & Sourcing

At Crocs, we strive to ensure our products are sourced, produced, and delivered to our customers in a manner that upholds international labor and human rights standards.

Human Rights Protections

We have implemented measures to ensure our supply chain complies with these standards, including utilizing internal and external parties to conduct both scheduled and unannounced social compliance reviews.

We also maintain a factory Social Compliance Code of Conduct and a certification process – our contracted factories and direct suppliers sign an annual Statement of Compliance, verifying that their operations are in compliance with all local laws and customs regarding hiring practices, wages, and working conditions, as well as our Code of Conduct.

Human-Rights Protections
Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

We monitor chemicals and substances in our supply chain for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements consistent with our Restricted Substances Policy and expect our contracted factories and suppliers to take a proactive stance in eliminating any hazardous chemicals or substances in the manufacture of Crocs products.

Crocs World Map Locations

Crocs World Map Locations
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