Board of Directors

Board of Directors Experience

We believe our current Board is highly qualified and active, consisting of directors with a diverse set of relevant experience, qualifications, and skills. This table provides a summary of the qualifications and attributes of each director.

Qualifications and Attributes Thomas J. Smach Andrew Rees Ronald L. Fransch Charisse Ford Hughes Beth J. Kaplan Ian M. Bickley Douglas J. Treff
CEO Experience        
Corporate Governance/Ethics  
Financial/Accounting Experience      
Public Company Board Service  
Footwear/Retail Industry Experience  
Global Management and Business Perspective
Consumer Product and Branding Experience
Information Technology Expertise        
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Expertise    
Human Resources/Compensation Expertise        
Gender or Racial Diversity          
Demographic background              
Tenure (Years) 17 5 15 2 3 7 6
Age (Years) 61 55 73 51 64 58 64

Source: Crocs, Inc. Proxy Statement filed April 22, 2022