Our Approach

Crocs 2022 Comfort Report

Our 2022 Comfort Report captures our hard-earned progress, essential learnings, and bold ambitions.

This is our second consecutive annual disclosure on Crocs Inc's corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) efforts. This report encompasses the full Crocs, Inc. enterprise, inclusive of both the Crocs™ brand and HEYDUDE™ brand.

Comfort Report
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Our Purpose

To create a more comfortable world for all.

Our go-forward CRS strategy calls upon all of our employees, suppliers, and partners to contribute their diverse talents as we work to become a more sustainable and equitable company.

Our Ambitions

We envision a world where humanity operates in harmony with all of earth’s systems and all people not only have their basic socioeconomic needs met, but also find belonging and agency in relating across differences. This is what we believe a “more comfortable world for all” looks like.

To help build this world, we need a multi-faceted, long-term intersectional strategy focusing on our guiding pillars of Comfort for the Planet, Comfort for our Communities and Comfort for All People and activated through four key ambitions which will guide our Crocs, Inc. impact strategy moving forward.

  • (1) Individuality: fostering an inclusive workforce,
  • (2) Circularity: innovating for a circular economy,
  • (3) Climate Stability: mitigating climate change and reducing carbon, and
  • (4) Community: reimagining systems to unlock opportunity.

All of our ambitions are supported by a strong foundation of governance, with systems and controls to hold us accountable. As a business built on an uncompromising commitment to ethics, we continue to seek ways to formalize the connections between how environmental and social impacts pose risks and opportunities for our business performance.

Our Values

Paths we Choose To Walk

delightfully democratic

Delightfully Democratic

We celebrate one-of-a-kinds and stand together with all different kinds.

People-Purposed Design

People-Purposed Design

We think people-first at every step. We design for everything you do and everywhere you go.

Inherent Simplicity

Inherent Simplicity

We know smart doesn’t have to mean complicated. So we keep things simple, light and totally intuitive.

Imaginative Innovation

Imaginative Innovation

We stretch the possibilities of design and creative thinking so you can reach your highest potential.

Unapologetic Optimism

Unapologetic Optimism

We make a choice every day to have an open mind and look on the bright and colorful side.

Confidently Comfortable

Confidently Comfortable

We support comfort on every level, because when you’re comfortable, you can do anything.


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  • Forbes ‘America’s Best Employers for Women’
  • Denver Business Journal inaugural DEI awards
  • HR Asia 'Most Caring Companies'
  • Forbes ‘America’s Best Mid-Size Employer’
  • Forbes ‘Best Employers for New Grads’
  • Fast Company ‘Most Innovative Companies’
  • HR Asia 'Best Companies To Work For in Asia