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As a brand of the people and for the people, it is imperative we do our part for the planet on which we live.

​​We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by focusing on sustainability initiatives throughout our operations, supply chain and product lifecycle.


Erasing The Already Low Carbon Footprint Of Every Pair Of Shoes We Make.

Reducing Our Impact

reducing our impact

Reducing our Emissions to Net Zero

At 3.94 kg CO2* eq. per pair of Classic clogs, Crocs already have a low CO2 footprint compared to many other iconic footwear styles, but we won’t be satisfied until we reach Net Zero by 2030.

reducing our impact

We Are Focused on These Four Pillars to Get Us to Net Zero by 2030.

Sustainable Ingredients

Transitioning to Sustainable Ingredients

In addition to eliminating leather from our product line to become a 100% vegan brand, we’re starting production on the shoe of the future, today. Powered by a new bio-based Croslite (the predominant material in our footwear), our shoes will look, feel, and function exactly like the Crocs you know and love.

sustainable ingredients

sustainable ingredients

Bio-based Croslite is an even more sustainable ingredient that turns waste and by-product from other industries into comfort and has a lower environmental impact than other materials. Our transition to bio-based Croslite begins today in partnership with global materials science company, Dow®.

Our “shoe of the future” incorporates Dow’s new ECOLIBRIUM™ Technology that transforms sustainably-sourced waste and by-products into a shoe that has all the comfort you expect from Crocs, but with far less carbon. You can continue to feel comfortable in your own shoes, but with a 50% lighter footprint than we already have by 2030*.

To learn more about Dow and their approach to sustainable science, click here.

Resource Use

Reducing our Emissions to Net Zero

When you choose Crocs today, you're choosing a brand that already has a low footprint. We're just making that footprint lower while keeping the integrity of our products intact.

You can continue to Come As You Are™ as we make efforts to reach Net Zero by 2030 and create a more comfortable world.

Reducing Waste & Renewing Energy​

We continue to minimize our waste through recycling and have plans to transition to renewable energy within owned and leased facilities.

resource use


Minimizing the Impact of Packaging​

Our efforts to reduce packaging have resulted in the vast majority of Crocs shoes being sold without shoe boxes. We’re also exploring sustainable alternatives for other elements of our packaging.


Old Crocs, New Life

Pursuing a Second Life for Our Shoes

To keep shoes on feet and out of landfills, we donate thousands of pairs of unsold Crocs to those in need around the world. While we pursue a circular supply chain, we're also working on ways to give your Crocs shoes a second life through consumer-led donations, recycling, and re-commerce programs.


Clean Out. ThredUP. Cash In. Croc On.

Crocs is partnering with ThredUP to give your previously loved items a second life and help create a more comfortable world. Clean out your closet, send your gently used clothes and shoes to ThredUP and earn Crocs shopping credits, all without adding to landfills.

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We have joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and will be utilizing the Higg Index suite of tools for the purpose of baselining and establishing goals across Emissions, Energy Use, Water Use, and Waste Reduction/Disposal. This will encompass goals for both our internal brand activities as well as our factory partners.​

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